Dean Angelo, Sr. is Lodge 7's New President

The results are in, and we're happy to report that Dean Angelo, Sr. will be taking office Sunday, April 6.

A message from Dean:

Thank you all for your support throughout the election and the runoff. Your dedication and advocacy helped us succeed.

We look forward to spending the coming years making good on our promises and shifting the Lodge's focus back to serving you, the Members. The changes you deserve start the minute I'm sworn in on Sunday. 
Thanks again, and be safe.
Dean Angelo, Sr. 

Congratulations to Team Angelo

FOP lodge.jpg

We're pleased to announce the following members of Team Angelo have been elected to the Lodge 7 Board: 

  • Ray Casiano - 1st Vice President
  • Al Francis, Jr. - Sergeant at Arms
  • Dean Angelo, Jr. - Trustee
  • Pat Duckhorn - Trustee
  • Sergio Escobedo - Trustee
  • Kathleen Gahagan - Trustee
  • Joseph Gentile - Trustee
  • Tom Lonergan - Trustee
  • Kevin McNulty - Trustee
  • Rob Rutherford - Trustee
  • Ron Shogren - Trustee
  • Daniel Trevino - Trustee

Congratulations to all. It's been an honor working with each of our teammates, and we look forward to seeing the changes we know you'll bring to the Lodge.

The full list of board members is available on the Lodge's website. 

Dean and the Angelo Team visiting officers in the 2nd District.

Dean and the Angelo Team visiting officers in the 2nd District.

What You Need to Know About the Presidential Runoff Election

Dean Angelo is now the front runner, as he received the most votes of the five presidential candidates. However, no single presidential candidate received more than 50% plus one of the vote. Therefore, there will be a runoff election between Dean Angelo and Bill Dougherty, which means ballots will be mailed out to every member's house again. 

Ballots will be mailed out on March 17, and they will be counted on April 2. The new officers installation will take place on April 6. We'll be sending out more updates as we receive them.

Thank you all for your continued support throughout this process.

To view my letter to retirees, click here.

We're moving forward into a new era for Lodge 7.

Dean Angelo, Sr., EdD, is running for the office of the President of the Lodge 7 Fraternal Order of Police. He looks forward to bringing member interests to the top of the Lodge priority list -- where they belong.

Learn exactly how Dean has committed to bringing Lodge 7's focus back to the membership by reading his "7 Pledges to Lodge 7."

Straight From Dean - A Blog

Read Dean's first blog post to see why the Board's vote to remove the president was done in a way that threatens the rights of every Member. 


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