Ballots Went in the Mail on February 15, 2017

  • Ballots were mailed to the addresses on file with the FOP on Wednesday, February 15, 2017.  
  • Ballots must be received and processed by the United States Post Office by March 9th.
  • Ballots may not be dropped off at the FOP Offices
  • In the event you do not receive a ballot in the mail, or damage your ballot, or even make a mistake on your ballot, you are encouraged to vote in person on March 10th between 0900 hours and 1200 hours in the FOP Hall. 
  • No duplicate ballots will be mailed out.

Dean Angelo, Sr. Tells the REAL Story

President Angelo sets the record straight regarding Lobbyists, credibility and the rumors started by others.

President Angelo discusses the endorsements that the Angelo Team has received.
Dean Angelo, Sr. discusses the changes made to the expectations and responsibilities of FOP Lodge 7 Board of Directors.
Dean Angelo, Sr. talks about unfair labor practices and lawsuits against IPRA

Supporters To Re-Elect the Angelo Team

Cook County FOP Lodge 4        

Hispanic Illinois State Law Enforcement Association (HISLEA)

Illinois FOP Labor Council          

Illinois State FOP Lodge

Polish American Police Association (PAPA)

Puerto Rican Police Association (PRPA)

Retired Chicago Police Association (RCPA)

Troopers FOP Lodge 41


Dean  Angelo, Sr.

Dean  Angelo, Sr.